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4 Natural Fibre Clothes Which Will Never Go Out Of Style

4 Natural Fibre Clothes Which Will Never Go Out Of Style

We love sustainable fashion! Do you? Sustainable products and services have now become the major focus of many industries. The food we eat, the skincare products we use and the methods in which we deal with waste are all becoming progressively nature-friendly, and green.

It’s not always about “what’s trending”, sometimes there are pieces that we store in the wardrobe which are never tossed out. We have come up with the environment-friendly, Hemp-made pieces which will always be in fashion and never get discarded.

Here are 4 Natural Fibre clothes which will never go out of style:

1. Papercrane Panelled Flared Dress:

A dress designed with the perfect blend of style and comfort, which lets you move speedily, yet elegantly and effortlessly. This sustainable apparel is made from natural fabric- 100% Hemp and Hemp Blends. We aim to create well-made elegant pieces, encouraging minimalism and respect for the planet's resources.

Style Guide: Pair it with accessories, heels or pumps.

2. Sail High Low Skirt

 Planning for a holiday? Here’s a phenomenally enticing skirt that one can bag for a holiday trip! This eco-friendly tailored outfit is made from the strongest natural fibre and plant-based fabrics to create pleasant and elegant clothing.  

Style Guide: Pair it with accessories, ankle boots or ballerina flats and nude lips

3. Kaleidoscope Round Neck Shirt:

 Casuals never go out of fashion! Kaleidoscope Round Neck Shirt is designed to be cozy and ethical in nature. This piece of comfort is created from hemp and hemp blends. Kaleidoscope creates fashion that represents a strong, charming and modish men.

Style Guide: Pair it with sunglasses and sneakers

 4. Delta Asymmetric Shirt:

Asymmetric shirts have been fashionable for a while, and it seems like they’re not going to leave us anytime soon. This apparel is ethically crafted from hemp and now you can conquer the world by acing the dapper look.

Style Guide: Pair it with minimal accessories and going-out shoes

B-Label clothing is tailored in the shades that will set you free and organic. If you don't happen to own one or two of the Hemp-made fabric pieces, buy them now so you can wear them forever.

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