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Welcome to the All Natural Culture

Our story

B Label is our bid for fashionable attire that is future-forward. We aspire towards an All - Natural Culture. 

Our best friend on this journey is Hemp with which we hope to create a source-to-consumer ecosystem that is responsible, transparent, and ethical with minimal social and environmental impact.

Our pledge is - to keep learning, and we hope you will join us. Hand in hand and with small steps forward, we can revolutionise fashion.

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Creating fashion with fabrics of the future

We embrace the best within ourselves and move to the rhythm of nature,
creating fashion unbound by time or season.

In the press

Hear About Hemp

"B Label brings us back to nature"

B Label brings us back to nature, as hemp doesn't harm our environment at all. B Label is also helping farmers and producers by making them part of this value chain. Buying B Label would always make you feel good.

Bhupesh Shah, Mumbai - India

"Fab material"

Khadi gave a way to Linen and Linen will succumb to Hemp eventually. Fab material- it's like linen went through detox and came back! I was looking for apparels not too formal, not too casual, not too flashy. B Label has exactly that!

Bhavesh Mandalia, Mumbai - India

"Interesting cuts, comfortable fits and natural fabric"

Interesting cuts, comfortable fits and natural fabric are the reasons I choose B Label. My first B Label kurta was a gift and since then I have been a hemp lovalist.

Ashutosh Raval. Mumbai - India

"Wonderful to wear"

B Label products are wonderful to wear. Their team is always there to support and keep customers happy. I had such a great experience with B Label.

Bella Saavla, Mumbai - India