It all starts with a spark

i g n i t e

It is time for a new beginning.
It is time to infuse life in the monotony. B Label presents a ray of hope, a silver lining behind the clouds, a resurrection of life: A Dawn of Green.

Dawn of Green breathes new life to the world around you, adds a Soul to the mundane structures around you. It is the spark that ignites life, gives that glimmer of hope, it is the rise of the blazing fire of resurrection.

Earth is our house. Dawn of Green makes you stop and appreciate everything that makes that house our Home.

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Bringing back the Green

The sun is rising on a new era. We are bringing back what your eyes are longing to see. We are bringing back the green. The very life and soul of mother nature.

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A symbol of new Hope

The Hemp Leaf

Our monogram profoundly captures the spirit of the movement. A green rising Sun translates to a new beginning, a Dawn of Green. It also stands for a young hemp leaf, a symbol of nascent life and new hope. A new world where we slowly see green springing up in our lives again. The dull tones we are so used to seeing, slowly fade away, and give way to new life, new, healthier thoughts, and a more fulfilling tomorrow.

Choosing Hemp is a step towards a Greener world

Become a Hemp Native

In this era of mindless consumption, let’s take a step back, slow down, and think, how much impact even our small decisions can have on the world we live in. 

Together let’s weave the future of fashion.

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