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The Emerging Role Of Hemp In Sustainable Fashion

The Emerging Role Of Hemp In Sustainable Fashion

The fashion industry has recently turned its attention towards ethically sourced sustainable production of garments. If you look into it, consumers can be categorized into three categories. 

  • The first is the “self” consumer, who just cares about their own needs and does not care about the source of their garments.
  • The second one is the “social” consumer who mostly strives to create a social image. 
  • And the third one is the “sacrifice,” consumers who work relentlessly to reduce the impact of their purchases in the world. 

With the recent news of climate change becoming viral, it has forced people to think about their environmental footprints and how they can contribute to making the earth a greener place. 


This is how the idea of sustainable fashion came up. While cotton has already been marketed as a biodegradable fabric, hemp was not being used as much back in the day. However, after learning that cotton takes up a plethora of resources & much water to be grown, those practicing sustainable fashion have moved their gaze towards hemp fashion and let us tell you, this trend is here to stay!

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The Qualities Of Hemp Fabric

  1. It is a very durable fabric and can be great for daily wear as it withstands regular wear and tears with ease. 
  2. Unlike common belief, hemp is not a stiff material. It is very flowing and therefore can be transformed into different kinds of silhouettes. 
  3. It can be dyed in rich natural hues and retains color after every wash. 
  4. It is super comfortable, so you can wear it during summers with ease. 
  5. It looks super stylish and is available in both Indian and western outfit designs. 
  6. It has a wonderful drape, much like linen.

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How Is Hemp An Environmentalist’s Best Friend?

Growing hemp is easy, and it happens to be a farmer’s dream to grow. It can grow in a variety of climate and soil types. Plus, the saplings can be very tightly spaced, so you do not need a large farm to grow it. There is no fallow period involved in its growth, and it does not need a lot of water as well. 

The best part is that this particular plant does not have to be supplied with fertilizers. It is a very resilient crop which also harmlessly extracts pollutants from the soil and the groundwater. Plus, it creates a lot of bi-products, which makes this plant an absolute favorite among environmentalists. 

Considered to be one of the most environmentally-friendly fabrics, and is naturally resistant and grows rather quickly. It replenishes the soil and is the perfect plant for crop rotation. It is a breathable fabric and does not wrinkle easily. While it is slightly stiff initially, but, the fabric softens with regular washes. Unlike cotton, it does not require a lot of water, and other natural resources. Plus, many cotton farms have underpaid labor, and employ children as well. 

Consumers who are aware of their fashion choices, and care to keep in mind the negatives of fast fashion, are pushing for ethical and sustainable fashion. Those who are planning to bring about a change in their wasteful behavior, are accepting hemp fashion because it happens to have very little or no adverse effects on the environment. 

Hemp garments happen to be an excellent alternative to non-biodegradable fabrics which often find themselves in landfills after being tossed out by their users. Plus, it is great for the skin. The natural dyes used in the making of hemp garments are gentle against the skin and do not cause any sort of irritation. So much so, that they can also be used for designing clothes for babies.

Garments made from hemp are durable and high-quality, therefore, people do not have to replace them very soon. This ensures lesser wastage. The garments will last you for a long time, saving your money and reducing your negative footprints on the environment. Available in both classic and contemporary designs, these clothes won't go out of fashion any time soon. 

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The anti-bacterial fabric is often colored with natural dyes, which means that more toxins and pollutants are not spewed into the ecosystem. Therefore, even large-scale production of hemp does not cause environmental damage and therefore, is putting sustainable fashion on the map. 

With big designer names including B Label vouching for environmental sustainability, by introducing hemp as the next-big-thing in the world of fashion, even the style-conscious is embracing this amazing fabric. 

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So those who are eco-friendly in their daily life can also maintain a stunning wardrobe, all thanks to the concept of sustainable fashion which has been further fortified by the introduction of hemp garments in the world of fashion. Now you can look great without thinking about having a nasty impact on the environment and feel great about your apparel choices.   

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