8 Mind-Boggling Benefits Of Hemp Clothing To Adopt Hemp Fashion Now


What If We Told You That You Could Wear Clothing Made From Cannabis?

Oh yes, you can! But this isn’t new, Hemp fabric has been discovered in some of the oldest surviving artifacts, wrapped around royalty and commoners alike. Hemp aka Cannabis Sativa L. in is said to be one of the earliest cultivated plants.

hemp plant fabric

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Hemp is now making a fashion come back that is set to make all the difference to your wardrobe and the environment!    

Check These Mind-Boggling Benefits Of Hemp Clothing.

  1. Hemp Is A Carbon Warrior

  2. Uses Less Water Without Polluting the Water

  3. The Soil Loves Hemp!

  4. Hemp Requires Less Land To Grow

  5. Hemp Is Antimicrobial & Durable

  6. Hemp Fabric Softens With Time

  7. Hemp Saves You From UV Rays

  8. Hemp Is The Strongest Natural Fibre

1. Hemp Is A Carbon Warrior

Global warming is real and what is even more real, is the carbon contribution of the fashion industry to this effect. Current fast fashion trends translate into rapid production and disposal of clothing, increasing the carbon footprint. 

Switching to Hemp Clothing would mean planting more Hemp plants which help the process of CO2 absorption from the atmosphere at a faster pace as compared to other trees. These environmental benefits of Hemp help humanity to combat climate change.

hemp envionmental benefits

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2. Uses Less Water Without Polluting the Water

hemp saves water

Crops that provide us with clothing fabric such as cotton require heavy irrigation, which is depleting our limited freshwater resources. According to a study conducted by collective evolution, hemp requires a lot less water to grow as compared to cotton. So, switching to hemp clothing will save a good amount of water.

There is minimal use of agrochemicals which eliminates top-soil erosion caused due to logging. This would also lower the risk of pollution of water bodies such as rivers, lakes, streams, etc.

3. The Soil Loves Hemp!

Hemp can grow easily in most soil types, it doesn’t deplete soil properties and can restore vital nutrients back to the soil. For example, farmers can regrow hemp on the same soil as well as plant hemp as a crop rotation process. Hemp cultivate does not require chemical fertilizers as leaf shedding provides the soil with adequate fertilization or pesticides as it is naturally pest resistant.

hemp saves soil

Hemp is biodegradable. While every product has an expiry date, not every product goes away forever, case in point being the numerous landfills that we leave behind. What comes from the soil returns to the soil because Hemp clothing is biodegradable.

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4. Hemp Requires Less Land To Grow

The land required to cultivate hemp is much lesser, almost half the area required to grow cotton. Also, hemp can produce three times more fibre than cotton in the same land. Briefly, hemp cultivation and production would not put undue stress on our planet.

5. Hemp Is Antimicrobial And Durable

Hemp fabric is active against microbes in nature, this makes your clothes stay clean for a longer period and prevents it from developing odor-causing bacteria.

Due to its antimicrobial properties, hemp is much stronger and more durable than most natural textile fibres. Unlike garments made from other materials, which become distorted with multiple uses, hemp clothing holds its shape and lasts much longer!

6. Hemp Fabric Softens With Time

The clothing made from Hemp fabric is incredibly comfortable and stylish to wear. What’s fascinating about this fabric is that it gets softer with every wash. Why buy clothing that wears out when you can have fashion that wears in?

hemp clothing

7. Hemp Saves You From UV Rays

Hemp clothes are tightly woven to make sure no sun rays scapes the material surface. Hence, it also protects you from the harmful UV rays.Overexposure to the harmful sun rays can cause skin cancer and many other irreversible skin problems. Sun protective clothing can save your skin!

Hemp clothing is great to have in your wardrobe due to its organic origins. It makes sure it is hypoallergenic and hence suitable for every skin type. Hemp fabric is used for anti UV clothing, making it highly suitable for various outdoor activities.

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8. Hemp Is The Strongest Natural Fibre

Oops! Did you just mistakenly hit your shirt against the door and it got torn off? You need not worry, sustainable hemp fibre is the strongest natural fibre that holds the fabric tight and tough! This makes hemp an abrasion-resistant fabric.

Natural-fiber clothing like hemp is created from the naturally occurring fibres of plants. Being natural, hemp fibre is also biodegradable. It is tightly woven, yet very breathable and surprisingly soft. It is created without toxins or unnatural processes and does not cling to the body.

By choosing Hemp fabrics, you make the right choice for yourself and the planet!

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