Wear Sustainable - Save Yourself From UV Rays

Wear Sustainable - Save Yourself From UV Rays

Our daily busy lives compel us to step out in the sun almost every day and battle with the various environmental factors that we cannot avoid!  While limited exposure to the sun is necessary to keep us sane, too much exposure to the UV rays in the sun can be harmful to our health.

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UV Rays Effect

Yes, the health doctor that you listen to on the radio is right! UV rays have a lot of positive effects like Triggering Vitamin D in our system as well as strengthening the immune system and making bones and muscles strong.

Unfortunately, Overexposure to these harmful sun rays can cause skin cancer and many other irreversible skin problems making it important for us to take the necessary precautions. Sun protective clothing can save your skin!

UPF (UltraViolet Protection Factor) 

Because of the numerous news articles we have been bombarded with on the UV rays of the sun and their harmful effects, most of us have shelled out thousands of bucks on getting the best skin-care products with the highest SPF that we can find on the shelves(or online).  While skincare does provide you with adequate protection.

Were you aware that our clothes play a far bigger role than you could ever imagine?


We all are very aware of the SPF on our skincare products but do you know that clothes are rated in terms of UPF? UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor which determines the effectiveness of the material that consists of your clothes, in protecting you from the harmful UVA and UVB lights. 

Ideally, clothes rated 50 and above indicates that your material provides 98 per cent protection level from UVA and UVB. Ideally, your clothes need to be rated above 15 to have a basic amount of protection from the sun.

UPF Rating Factors

With the summer around the corner, finding clothes with High UPF is vital to not only our skin but our sanity(now that you know about UPF we bet it will plague your mind for a while). But where do we find these clothes?

No, You do not need to spend a crazy amount of money to make sure your wardrobe has these high UPF rated clothes! Sustainable clothing is the answer to all your troubles. UV rays can penetrate through most kinds of materials and its important to make sure that your material of clothing ticks the necessary factor that contributes to High UPF.

Some of the factors that UPF depends on are the type of fabric, the colour of the fabric and the fabrics are worn. Thankfully it is safe to say that sustainable clothing ticks all of the above factors

Benefits of Sustainable Clothing

Sustainable clothing is made of organic materials that are tightly woven to make sure no sun rays escape the material surface. With Fabrics that are eco-friendly, light and breathable, Sustainable clothing not only helps you contribute to saving the environment (a worry that is in the back of our minds due to the various news channels and their scary headline) but also protects you from both UVA and UVB lights!

Read more on the Benefits of Sustainable Clothing.

Hemp Clothing

Worried about compromising on the style on your endeavour to stay safe and protect the environment? You don’t have to! B-label provides the most beautiful sustainable clothing made off the material, Hemp. 

Hemp clothing is great to have in your wardrobe due to its organic origins that makes sure it is hypoallergenic and hence suitable for every skin type. Hemp is a highly absorbent fabric while being porous and light. Hemp fabric is used for anti UV clothing, making it highly suitable for various outdoor activities.

With the various stylish clothes available at B label, Hemp clothing makes sure your wardrobe stays fashionable and eco-friendly while filtering out the sunlight so that you stay safe and healthy. Check our 8 picks for a sustainable wardrobe.

Don’t wait around, make this positive shift, go organic.

Stay protected from UV rays. Shop at  B Label for sustainable wear.

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