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How Sustainable Fashion Can Help Us Move Beyond Fast Fashion

How Sustainable Fashion Can Help Us Move Beyond Fast Fashion

For a very long time now, we have been producing more than we can consume and we have been disposing of way more than the earth can renew and replenish. The fashion industry is a significant contributor to that pile of waste that has been accumulated in various landfills and dumping yards around the world.

fast fashion vs sustainable fashion

In addition to the environmental effects, fast fashion is also turning us into less appreciative organisms. We tend to throw away things that are in perfectly usable conditions and we are buying things that we don't actually need. The key to moving beyond all this is super simple - sustainable fashion.

What Is Sustainable Fashion? 

Sustainable fashion helps us target our wasteful behaviour and our non-appreciative attitude all at once. It is one of those effective practices that hold the power to utterly transform the face of any situation. By making the shift to sustainable clothing, we can significantly lower our impact and produce less waste that is usually a gigantic component of the fashion industry.

Here are a few ways in which sustainable hemp fashion is helping us move beyond fast fashion. Read on.

So Why Is Sustainable Fashion Important?

  1. It provides us with an alternative to fast fashion
  2. Hemp is great for the skin
  3. Help us detox our lives
  4. It generates less waste and takes care of the environment
  5. Help us value to our wardrobe

1. It Provides Us With An Alternative To Fast Fashion

While we might keep hearing about the adversities of a practice or a trend, we could still feel stuck with it mostly because we can't find an alternative to switch to. Sustainable fashion then acts as the closest possible alternative that will substitute the lack in our lives in a way that it doesn't even feel like a lack and turns into a more fulfilling lifestyle choice.

With the availability of sustainable clothing alternatives for our regular clothing choices that might all fit into the range of fast fashion, making the switch becomes a lot easier.

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2. Hemp Is Great For The Skin

Sustainable clothing is often made out of organic fabrics that can be easily decomposed. Natural dyes are used to colour the fabrics and there aren't traces of chemicals in the clothing. Since everything used is natural and organic, it proves to be great for the skin. 


This means that with sustainable clothing, one does not need to worry about rashes, bumps, itches or any kind of irritation that might occur because of using synthetic fabrics.

3. Help Us Detox Our Lives

While we go about accumulating things all through our lives and end up creating a pool of things that we no longer use, sustainable or ethical fashion enables us to get out of that cycle and detox the physical area of our homes along with our lives in general. By putting an end to excessive accumulation, we can move towards a more organized and clutter-free life. 


This step is not only beneficial for the physical environment around us but is also relieving for the internalities of our minds. The episodes of finding ourselves in the middle of an overflowing wardrobe with having nothing to wear would turn less frequent with the introduction of a sustainable lifestyle.

4. It Generates Less Waste & Takes Care Of The Environment

Switching to ethical fashion helps us significantly lower our impact on the environment as we possess only that we use and we use all that we possess. Along with this, eco-friendly fabrics and accessories last for a very long time after which they can be repurposed and used. 

sustainable fashion generates less waste

Organic materials like Hemp keep on getting better with time and don't need to be disposed of soon. This way, we create less waste and prevent our disposed of items to end up into the dumping grounds and add up to the pile of waste. Switching to sustainable fashion can be seen as a ripple in the massive ocean of waste reduction.

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5. Help Us Value To Our Wardrobe

With fast fashion, we often end up collecting great quantities of items that are all homogenized and lose their individual identity. By switching to sustainable fashion, we possess fewer items that have characters of their own. We may even go on to attach stories with each of the items that we own and they acquire a special space not just in our closets but also in our hearts. 

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This way, items of clothing do not just remain items but they start becoming extensions of our personalities and unique values are attached to them. Sustainable fashion then helps add value to everything that we use every day instead of just classifying them as things to be used and thrown away. 

This special value attached also helps us to appreciate everything that we have more than we usually do. Sustainable fashion in a way, adds value not just to our clothing but to our entire life.

6. Goes Right Back Into The Environment

The good thing about sustainable fashion is that it does not wear off very easily and remains with us for a very long time. Even after we cannot wear something anymore, we can reuse the items for other purposes but when it is time to finally dispose of the items.

hemp fashion is environment friendly

They do not stay on the dumping grounds for a long time and get back into the environment pretty quickly. The biodegradability quotient makes sustainable clothing a better choice even when we are disposing of them.

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