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Top 8 Essential Picks To Add To Your Sustainable Wardrobe

Top 8 Essential Picks To Add To Your Sustainable Wardrobe

The number of pesticides and harmful toxins released in the environment while mass-producing clothes are grown at an exponential rate. However, many companies in India are coming forward with the concept of sustainable fashion. Sustainable or eco-friendly fashion allows you to own clothing made of plants that do not negatively impact the ecosystem.

sustainable wardrobe

By opting for sustainable fashion, you can not only reduce the stress that we are causing the environment but also have a high-quality and unique wardrobe!

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If the concept of sustainable fashion is intriguing to you but you do not know where you can start developing your chic yet eco-friendly wardrobe, keep reading this sustainable wardrobe guide as we introduce 8 essential picks for you.

Men's Guide to Eco-Friendly Fashion

This collection presents the best clothing items for men that you can start with, in your journey of adopting sustainable fashion. After all, it’s high time that started being sensitive to our planet.

1. Metamorphosis Kurta

Do you admire ethnic wear but also want to wear it on casual occasions? The Metamorphosis fusion kurta by B Label is the perfect choice with its dual front pockets and a sharp slant cut. You can wear the look at both, ethnic and casual occasions.

2. Arrowhead Casual Jacket

The Arrowhead casual jacket from B Label will be a great option for you to add to your sustainable wardrobe. Not only does it compliment all body types, but it is also made of a durable yet natural material; hemp yarn.

3. Velocity Button-down Shirt

Velocity button-down shirt is a classic piece from B Label that definitely deserves its own place in your wardrobe. You can pair it with formal pants or denim according to the occasion. It has plastic buttons and is entirely made of hemp.

4. Ray Contrast Pocket Shorts

Crafted out of hemp blends and hemp itself, Ray Contrast Pocket Shorts will be one of the most comfortable pieces in your wardrobe. This item from B Label comes in playful colours and provides you with the comfort that you need to fully enjoy your vacations in style.

Essential Sustainable Picks for Women's Wardrobe

A number of mainstream fashion collections are released regularly for women. However, what if we told you that there is a way to stay at the top of your fashion game while being mindful of the environment? Read on to discover the best eco-friendly picks for you.

1. Mast Culotte Pants

Culotte Pants have been one of the top fashion trends for women recently. This piece from B Label will be a superb addition to your closet. The pants will look equally amazing in an ethnic, casual, or formal look.

2. Crossroad Over Jacket

Made from 100% hemp, this crossroad over jacket has just one button so as to bring attention to the kurta or the top you sport underneath. You can wear it with a kurta, a spaghetti top, or even simple tops.

3. Bridge Gathered Top

The bell sleeves and empire line tops have been in fashion since the last year. Therefore, a bridge gathered top will be a great way to up your fashion game a few notches. You can use it as both, casual or formal wear.

4. Horizon Legomutton Shirt Dress

One of the best things that 2018 brought us was the shirt dress. The horizon lego-mutton shirt dress from B Label is a striking shirt dress that is also very unique. With the lego-mutton sleeves and button-down style, this piece will add elegance to your eco-friendly wardrobe.

Let's Go Eco-Friendly With B Label 

B Label is a brilliant organization that has brought forward an amazing collection of sustainable fashion for both, men and women. If you are looking to add eco-friendly clothing options to your wardrobe, take a look at our website 

Let's pledge a positive change this year and opt ONLY for sustainable products.

Add these picks to your wardrobe. Visit and explore picks for men and women.

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