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Since 2015

Our first guardian was the Bombay Hemp Company (est.2013). Pioneers and first movers in the hemp ecosystem aimed towards changing the agricultural landscape of India, BOHECO’s legacy precedes itself. B Label was the company's first consumer-facing venture that began with a classic white shirt. BOHECO now focuses on Himalayan Hemp Nutrition and Cannabis Ayurvedic Remedies.

Today B Label- is reimagined under the creative wings of its oldest custodian Alisha Sachdev.

Alisha is one of the first team members that joined B Label and has been a crucial part of the brand's growth. Her watchful eye has guided every button and seam for four years. B Label finds a perfect new home to thrive and explore new avenues under her leadership.

Meet Our Builder

Alisha’s interest in fashion is innate, having grown up under the influence of a thriving family textile business. Her interest in sustainable textiles was piqued while graduating from Franklin and Marshall College in the United States with a major in Environmental Studies. After returning to India, Alisha found her niche in sustainable fashion by coupling her passion for the planet and textiles.

Alisha joined the Bombay Hemp Company in 2017 with the aim of creating a dent in the fashion industry. Over four years, her creative inclination, marketing skills and a keen eye for fashion led Alisha to play a pivotal role in building B Label and its artisanal driven handloom division to where it stands today. Alisha currently spearheads B Label with a vision to be India’s first and finest hemp-based fashion and living brand.

The powerhouse behind B Label, her role is diversified and focuses on business development, brand positioning and building an All Natural Culture. 

About B

Fashion is currently leaving behind a trail of distaste and disharmony. More often than not, we need to choose between fashionable clothing and ethical clothing. 

B Label is our bid for fashionable attire that is future-forward. We aspire towards an All - Natural Culture. Here, we embrace the best within ourselves and move to the rhythm of nature, creating fashion unbound by time or season.

Our best friend on this journey is Hemp- a category of sustainable fashion and lifestyle products we aim to lead in India and across the globe. We hope to create a source-to-consumer ecosystem that is responsible, transparent, and ethical with minimal social and environmental impact.

Our pledge is - to keep learning, and we hope you will join us. Hand in hand and with small steps forward, we can revolutionize fashion. A path that leaves behind a trail of seeds for the future to spring!


You will see us for who we are, our processes, internal work, and the people who work for and with us. When using terms like sustainability, we listen keenly to the winds of change and move towards accessibility of products, transparency, and accountability.


Making the right choice for you and ourselves is often not easy, but we aim to always be brave. Providing you consistently with uncompromised high-quality garments made to last and you will be proud to wear.


Every garment is a thoughtful design, inspired by the ebbs and flow of life. Our clothing is minimalist, classic, fashionable and breathable. It picks on your imagination and can play out in numerous events and styles.


Our everyday functions, from its source, will aim to be kind to our community with low on the environment. It's a long journey, but our footprints will have minimal earth impact until we grow to soar across the sky.

Fabrics of the future

We use hemp, a wonder crop and the strongest fibre. We will never get enough of this beautiful fibre and its kaleidoscopic characteristics. Our fabrics are sourced from GOTS certified facilities. Click here to view our certification


All our fabric is dyed using azo-free dyes. Click here to view our certification. 

Also known as reactive dyes with lesser environmental impact, these dyes do not consist of nitrogen-based compounds.

Why is nitrogen harmful to the environment? 

Nitrogen fuels the growth of algae in water bodies, decreasing the oxygen levels and threatening the survival of life underwater.

Reactive dyes are 70% easier for fabrics to absorb, reducing the water wastage in nearby water bodies.

Free from carcinogenic compounds, azo-free dyes favour both the dyers and wearers. 


We partner with suppliers that ethically source and manufacture coconut husk, mother of pearl, corozo and metal buttons.

The welfare of workers

Our priority is to ensure fair payment and a positive work environment. Our masters and tailors form the spine of our business. It is their happiness, growth, and strength that keep us going. We hope our pictures can do justice until we procure our fair trade certifications. 


We are proud to have 100% plastic-free packaging. You should receive your product in two layers of packaging.

Layer 1: This the definition of fashionable, unique and versatile- made from surplus mill fabric with multi-functional characteristics. It is sure to leave you impressed!

- A travel organizer for your essentials anywhere you go.

- Use it as a backpack for work, travel, or play.

- A sling tote for grocery shopping, the perfect lunch bag, or an everyday purse to wear proudly on your shoulder. 

Layer 2:  When you lay your hands on your order, you will know that the outer layer of packaging is plastic-free. Made with corn starch, it is biodegradable, home compostable, recyclable, and a blessing to the environment.

Click here to authenticate our materials are plastic free.


We source our labels, elastic, fusing and threads from OECO TEX certified suppliers. These are a work in progress with regard to matching our standards and goals of sustainability. We are constantly evolving and looking for better alternatives. 

We’d be happy to hear if you have any alternative options or solutions. Click for certification to claim.

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