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It's Time To Break Up With These 5 Fast Fashion Habits To Save Our Planet

It's Time To Break Up With These 5 Fast Fashion Habits To Save Our Planet

While casually shopping at your favourite mall, have you ever thought about how your clothes are costing the environment? Believe it or not, it is a fact that we are being fed the whole idea of fast fashion. The whole culture of “mend and make do, “ has been long gone, especially in developed countries.

While you sashay into your favourite clothing store and empty up the rack, just think about how many resources are being utilized in creating and then decomposing those articles of clothing. None of us thinks about what happens to our clothes when we do away with them. 

What Is Fast Fashion And Why Is It Bad?

Well, once you are done wearing your favourite top, or after you throw away a pair of pants because the zip was ripped, they don’t just magically disappear. While donating clothes is a very healthy and much-appreciated practice, how many of us consciously do it? 

The fashion industry happens to be the second-biggest consumer of water, producing 20% of wastewater. 


So while you are busy beating plastic bags, you do not realize that fashion stores who have opted for paper bags are hiding the real damage being done to the environment, by pushing the whole idea of fast fashion. 


Not many brands take responsibility for the waste they are creating, which is why, as consumers, we should not purchase from them, till they become aware of the environmental damage being caused by them.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Fast Fashion?

The use of chemicals in the textile industry along with the waste of synthetic fabrics is disrupting the environment at an alarming level. So while the food industry is being held accountable for the waste it creates, why is the textile industry being left scot-free?

The true cost of each clothing purchased by you goes way beyond the price you pay for it. It requires energy, water, chemicals, and other resources to be created. Therefore, when you succumb to the idea of fast fashion and have way more clothes than your actual requirement, you end up damaging the environment consciously or unconsciously. Read in detail How Sustainable Fashion Can Help Us Beyond Fast Fashion.

So what can you do to change things up for the better? 

Well, there are a number of ways to go about it! As a consumer and as someone who owes it to the environment, there are some healthy fashion practices which need to be followed. 

Some of them are mentioned as follows:

  • Buy Less
  • Buy From Sustainable Brands
  • Always Donate
  • Start Borrowing Clothes
  • Delete Those Clothing Apps
  • 1. Buy Less

    Yes, you read that right! A very simple way of doing your bit to break up with fast fashion habits is to buy less. We don’t mean that you own 5 pairs of clothing, but, do not buy excess. Try and extend the life of the clothing pieces you own by taking care of them, washing them gently and getting them repaired when required. The whole concept of replacement needs to be swapped with the idea of repairing. 

    2. Buy From Sustainable Brands

    The second and one of the most important ways to make sure that you are not contributing to the environmental damage caused by fast fashion is that you start buying from sustainable clothing brands. 

    B Label uses Hemp as their choice of fabric. Not only is it very comfortable to wear and look extremely stylish, but it is also very friendly towards the environment. Do not buy from brands which are reckless by promoting fast fashion. 

    Read in detail on 8 Mind-Boggling Benefits Of Hemp Clothing.

    3. Always Donate

    If those jeans do not fit you anymore, if your clothes are no longer stylish, if you think that you have a pile of wearable garments which you no longer use anymore, then donate them. This will not only declutter your space but at the same time, it will lead to less wastage.

     However, the best part is that the clothes will bring about a smile on the face of those who are underprivileged. 

    4. Start Borrowing Clothes

    This does not make you cheap if you are doing it for a good reason. Instead of buying a new piece for an occasion, be sure to borrow something for your friend or family member. You will not have to repeat your outfit, and you won't end up wasting money or succumbing to another ideology of fast fashion. There are many apps and sites from where you can rent clothes for special occasions. 

    5. Delete Those Clothing Apps

    We all fall victim to attractive offers and sale notification on our phones. Online shopping has also boosted the whole idea of fast fashion, which is why it will be perfect if you delete those clothing apps so that the notification does not lure you into buying something you do not require.

    Read in detail How Organic Clothing Can Help You Reduce Your Carbin Footprint.

    We all need to think about our environment and make the right kind of choices. Keep your goal in mind, whenever you step out to shop and always ask yourself, you need the clothing pieces, or you just want it. 

    If the answer is latter, then you should just walk away from the rack. 

    Conscious consumption, reading the labels properly, wearing organic fabrics, will really help in stepping away from fast fashion.  

    Break your fast-fashion habit today! Adopt sustainable fashion with




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