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5 Reasons Why Hemp Is The Next Best Thing In The Sustainable Fashion World

5 Reasons Why Hemp Is The Next Best Thing In The Sustainable Fashion World

What Is Sustainable Fashion?

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The phrase, sustainable fashion happens to be used a lot these days, but not many people know about it. Well, the fashion industry has been a significant contributor, to piles and piles of waste matter which are accumulating in an around landfills. Consumers who do not think about the environment before making a purchase, are not aware of how much their choices are costing the environment.

At a time, when fast fashion is at its peak, people do not even think twice before dumping perfectly decent clothes which can be reused. In such a case scenario, the vicious cycle of creating waste continues. 

Sustainable fashion encourages consumers to think about their purchases, and how will it affect the ecosystem. It targets the wasteful behaviour of consumers and pushes them towards purchasing easily biodegradable garments. It also appreciates buying less, so that the overall adverse impact of the textile industry on the environment can be reduced. 

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Here’s Why Sustainable Hemp Fashion Is The Best Thing That Has Happened To The World Of Fashion

  1. It Is An Alternative To Synthetic, Non-Biodegradable Fabrics
  2. It Is Excellent For The Skin
  3. It Generates Lesser Waste
  4. High-quality Clothes Are Made To Last Longer
  5. Hemp-based Clothes Are Truly Resilient

1. It Is An Alternative To Synthetic, Non-Biodegradable Fabrics  

Most people used to stick to synthetic fabrics because there weren’t many alternatives available in the market. However, with the boom in the hemp clothing industry, people now have a good and durable alternative which happens to be a huge advantage. The availability of sustainable clothing will encourage people to ditch synthetic & non-biodegradable fabrics.

2. Hemp Is Excellent For The Skin

Sustainable fabrics like hemp are great for the skin because they are made of organic fabric. The natural dyes which are used on them do not contain chemicals, making them ideal for babies as well. If you have sensitive skin, then you do not have to worry about skin woes like rashes, itches and boils which are caused because of a certain fabric. 

3. It Generates Lesser Waste

Let’s take an example here; hemp fabric happens to be one of the best for sustainable fashion. The fabric is durable, it does not wear off very easily, and after using it for a very long time, if you wish to dispose of it, then they can be easily decomposed and they go back to the environment. Organic materials like hemp with reduce the amount of waste. 

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4. Hemp Produces High-quality Clothes That Lasts Longer

Talking about the fashion aspect of it, this sort of movement supports consuming less. So you should rather spend more on an environmentally friendly, durable fabric which is rather expensive than going on making mindless purchases to keep up with the trends of fast fashion. 

Durability happens to be a key component, therefore, the use of fabrics like hemp are appreciated. The clothes will last you for years, without much wear and tear and you can recycle it later. Since we are looking for long term usage of fabrics, try and pick up classic pieces which will not go out of trend. 

5. Hemp-based Clothes Are Truly Resilient

Hemp happens to be a natural fiber, which is durable, antibacterial and abrasion-resistant. Thus, creating good quality fashion pieces can last for years. Garment companies have been hurting the environment in several different ways for decades, so it is their turn to give back. Hemp fashion is a great way to turn the tables in the right direction. Plus, the use of natural dyes also makes the entire procedure sustainable. 

It has been proven that sustainable or organic fashion has been viable even for large scale production. More and more people are becoming environmentally aware, which means that they are becoming conscious of their purchases. This makes the growth of sustainable fashion ever-increasing. 

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Its High Time We Adopt Hemp Fashion 

These days people want to know where their clothes are coming from? What are factory conditions where the garments are being produced,? What kind of dyes is being used for the fabric? How is the material being extracted? Is the material safe for the environment? What is the durability of the fabric? It is high time that companies become accountable to their customers and answer their queries. It is because of this awareness that big companies are pushing for ethical fashion. 

A number of big fashion houses are becoming transparent about their product line. This, in turn, has improved the conditions of factories and helped in increasing the wages of those working to produce the garment. Plus, companies are also trying to be less harsh towards the environment by opting for natural fabrics and good quality dyes. 

This entire movement towards sustainable hemp fashion has given rise a whole lot of improvements in the world of fashion. Hemp fabric has been a huge boon to the organic clothing industry, because it is such an amazing and durable fabric which is versatile enough to create different kinds of clothing, whiles being environmentally friendly.

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