How Hemp Clothing Is A Win-Win For You And The Environment

How Hemp Clothing Is A Win-Win For You And The Environment

Hemp clothing comes with its own set of advantages. There are various benefits of hemp clothing, not only for the consumer but also for the environment as well. It is a very durable fabric, which is comfortable at the same time. Since hemp is grown devoid of any chemicals, it is a very healthy choice for most people.

If you happen to be environmentally conscious, then this is a great option for you. Don’t worry, you will not have to compromise on your fashion quotient because hemp clothing has come a very long way.

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Now you can find them in the trendiest of styles.

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In the face of increasing environmental concerns, wearing natural, durable and biodegradable fabrics is a very small contribution, you can make to save the earth. 

So What Makes Hemp Such A Sustainable Fabric For Clothing? 

Now, while cotton also happens to be a natural fabric, the problem with it is that it requires a huge amount of insecticides and pesticides during the cultivation period. The chemicals happen to leach into the soil and negatively impact the ecosystem around it. Plus, growing cotton requires a lot of water, which again, is not the ideal case scenario. 

Here is the study by Collective Evolution that proves hemp requires very less water!

Coming to hemp, it can be grown chemical-free, without the use of insecticides, it also requires lesser water and it can be grown twice in a year. That makes hemp a very sustainable fabric for the environment. Plus, they are stronger and more durable than cotton. Doesn’t this make hemp better than cotton?

What Are The Benefits Of Hemp Clothing For Consumers?

  1. It is very durable, so it will be an excellent choice to create classic and versatile pieces of organic clothing.
  2. The best part is that this fabric is mould and microbe-resistant, so you can keep them safe for a very long time. 
  3. Even with regular washing, you will hardly find any wear and tear.
  4. Hemp clothes are breathable as it grows softer & more comfortable after each wash. 
  5. It tolerates both hot and cold water washes, and it air dries in a short duration.
  6. The fabric never requires dry cleaning and does not crease very much. 
  7. Hemp fabric is used for anti-UV clothing, so you are protected from harmful sun rays.

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What Are The Benefits Of Hemp Clothing For The Environment?


  1. So, there are times when our clothes are worn out beyond a point and giving them away for charity is not an option. In such a case scenario, throwing away old hemp clothing will make you feel less guilty because it is 100% biodegradable. Non-biodegradable fabrics like polyester, nylon, etc, sit in landfills for years, so being conscious about choosing organic fabrics is the duty of every consumer. 
  2. Did you know for the same amount of acres that cotton can grow, hemp happens to produce almost 3 times the fibre. It also requires less water and chemicals, making it a boon for the ecosystem. 
  3. The use of harmful chemicals to grow crops is very common. The chemicals end up lingering in the soil, which seeps into the water, causing major contamination. Therefore, growing chemical-free hemp is such a huge advantage. 
  4. In today’s time and age, it is an absolute crime to be wasteful.  Apart from being used for sustainable clothing, hemp has many other valuable uses.
  5. Hemp seeds themselves have medicinal and antioxidant properties. The plant has many uses and it's used in its entirety.
  6. Another great attribute of hemp is the fact that it grows very quickly. It is known for growing at twice the speed of cotton, therefore, it requires lesser resources. It can be harvested two or more times in a year, which is why it happens to be such a sustainable plant. This way, hemp helps the farmers too.Read in detail How Fair Trade Clothing Is A Saviour Of Indian Farmers.
  7. Did you know that hemp can be grown anywhere in the world? Yes, you read that right! Be it America, China, Australia or Europe, it is grown in many different parts of the world, making it locally available for people belonging to various zones.

8. Hemp is known for replenishing the soil it grows in! It preserves from topsoil erosion, which is a massive advantage. As the soil, is already replenished by growing the hemp plant, it need not be rotated. This saves money, time and not to mention resources.

9. It also removes toxic materials from the soil and is a miracle worker, when it comes to cleansing the soil and eliminating unwanted pollutants, contaminants.

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How Is Choosing Hemp Clothing A Win-Win Situation?

While there are many reasons, to embrace hemp clothing, the main reason should be to support eco-friendly fabrics and materials. So now that you have the knowledge about how magical a plant hemp is, you should embrace it. Not only is it good for you, but for your family and the earth. Be a part of this sustainability movement because it is a definite win-win for the consumers. 

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So proudly adorn those hemp clothes and flaunt them. Visit for the latest hemp fashion.



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