Is Fair Trade Clothing A Saviour of Indian Farmers? Here Is The Answer

Is Fair Trade Clothing A Saviour of Indian Farmers? Here Is The Answer

Farmer!! A farmer is a man with magical powers who turns mud into money. Have you ever thought about the shocking number of farmer suicides mounting in India due to poor wages? Fair trade allows the farmers to fill their pockets with fair wages.

Our aim here is to promote fair trading conditions and empower farmers. Also, the other farmworkers to tackle poverty, withstand great pressure, strengthen their position and take command over their lives.

Let’s dive in to know more, as to how fair trade clothing is a saviour of Indian farmers!

Introducing - Captain Hemp:

Hemp is a short day and a versatile plant which is used for various industrial purpose, industrial hemp is composed of three types: oilseed, fibre and hybrid.

But can hemp be a life belt for the contending farmers?

The hemp clothing industry is heightening day by day because of which the demand for this multipurpose crop is increasing. The total sales for hemp-based products in the US were about $1.1 billion in 2018 and it’s increasing!

Due to this new demand for hemp and hemp-based clothing, farmers are turning to hemp cultivation as the next big thing. Now, this is where hemp proves to be a lifeline for the Indian farmers. To add on, hemp crop is beneficial to the farmers because it’s production is more efficient and the crop uses less water.

Here is the study proving that Hemp saves a lot of water!

Cotton is not the king when it comes to fair trading, throughout the value-chain of cotton products, wages given to the farmers are extremely low and their conditions are very poor. Going organic can cut down on more than one-half of the energy in farming and provide farmers with fair wages!

Hemp Cultivation Supports Farmers:

Curious enough to know about the nature of fair trade clothing? Fairtrade bags products from struggling farmers and gets them to the developed countries. After bringing the products, a minimum amount is granted in advance to the farmers, to make sure that they will be able to earn a living wage.

This safeguards the farmers from market fluctuations that can cause prices to drop below production costs. Social transformation is also an important factor when we see a change in the clothing trends diverting its track towards fair trade movement.

Supporting Fair Trade clothing in India is the need of the hour to save our dying farmers.

Are You Ready To Go Organic And Encourage Fair Trade Movement?


Do The Farmers Benefit The Most Through Fair Trade?

We all do, in some or the other way! But most importantly, Fair Trade gives the green light to the poverty-stricken communities i.e. the farmers and the farmworkers. It empowers them to work and fill their empty pockets, progress and earn money for healthy living for their families and communities.


Don’t you think Fair Trade eliminates poverty and encourages fair wages to farmers? To be precise, Fair Trade clothing a saviour of Indian farmers! Let’s support this social cause and change the current fashion trend to sustainable Hemp clothing or organic clothing.

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