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From Plant To Apparel: This Is How A Hemp Plant Is Made Into Sustainable Clothing

From Plant To Apparel: This Is How A Hemp Plant Is Made Into Sustainable Clothing

When we look into the fashion industry today, we can spot that it is one of the greatest contributors to the piles of waste lying around landfills and polluting our oceans. Considering the pollution and water scarcity crisis that we are dealing with, there is an urgent need to switch to sustainable and waste-free fashion choices.

Hemp is one such sustainable fabric that we can switch to, and that has the potential to make the situation better for us as well as for the environment. It takes a lot less water and energy in the production of this super fabric as compared to other fabrics.

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Adding to that, hemp is biodegradable and breaks down easily in the environment, going back to where it came from and creating less waste. This means that even if there comes a need to discard the hemp clothing that we own, we can be sure that it will not stay back in the pile of clutter for long. 

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Even though making the switch seems to be the best possible alternative, it could still be a little confusing at first. Since hemp clothing has not been highlighted as a part of the mainstream fashion industry, there are a variety of questions that might strike our minds before we finally make the choice of investing into a piece of hemp clothing. These questions might range from investigating the source of hemp, how it is made and how well it interacts with the skin.

In order to brush all of these confusions away, we have curated a piece on the process of the making of hemp, read on! 

1. It All Starts With The Hemp Plant

hemp plant

Hemp is an organic fabric that is derived from the cannabis family. The process of making hemp begins by separating the long strands of fibers that make up the stalk of the plant. This process of separation is known as "retting". 

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2. Spinning The Fibers Together

The fibers derived from the plant are raw that then need to be spun together to produce a continuous thread that can then be used to make the fabric. 

hemp fabric

3. Making The Magic Fabric

hemp fibre

After the fibers are brought together into a continuous thread, the threads are woven together to make the hemp fabric. The entire process can be performed naturally. 

4. Adding A Hint Of Color

Once we are ready with the hemp fabric, it can be dyed using organic dyes that will be great for the skin. Another great feature of hemp clothing is that it is perfect for sensitive skin since it is a natural fiber that is turned to fabric using natural processes. 

5. Ready For Stitching

Now that we have our hemp fabric dyed into the colors of our choices, the fabric can now be turned into pieces of clothing that will add that edge of style as well as sustainability to our wardrobes. Unlike other fabrics, hemp can be worn during all seasons because it senses the body temperature and keeps the body warm during winters and cool during summers. 

As opposed to the popular assumptions, the hemp fabric is not weed. It is also not meant to make ropes and baskets only, it can very well be constructed into soft, wearable fabrics that are actually very beneficial for the skin. Along with being suitable for sensitive skin, eco-friendly hemp clothing also gives us the added benefit of sun protection.

It forms a UV shield around our skins protecting us from the harmful rays of the sun. 

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Hemp is also a super-strong fabric that keeps getting better with every wash. It is durable and can last you a lifetime. It does not even need a lot of care, it can be maintained with minimal efforts. Once your hemp clothing is worn off, which might take a really long time, the fabric can be reused and recycled with great ease.


Making a shift to sustainable clothing is the need of the hour. Sustainability is no longer an option, it will have to be the only alternative available. In such a situation, there is nothing better than shifting to an organic, naturally occurring fabric like hemp that will be both comfortable and stylish and will also serve the cause of sustainable clothing in the best possible manner. 

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So take one step at a time, do what's best for the environment as we as your own self. Now that all your confusions have been brushed off, making the switch will be a cakewalk.

Switch to hemp clothing today and do your bit for the environment.   Visit to adopt hemp fashion.

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