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7 Myths Which Are Keeping You Away From Adopting Hemp Fashion

7 Myths Which Are Keeping You Away From Adopting Hemp Fashion

In a world where we are making all possible attempts to reduce waste and to go organic, hemp clothing comes across as the absolute perfect solution to our problems. We can now stay connected to the latest fashion trends and wear whatever we want to, while still saving the planet.

In spite of being such a great sustainable alternative for a range of everyday products, there are certain misconceptions surrounding hemp that might have been keeping you away from adopting hemp fashion. Now is the time to brush them away, so read on to fall in love with the amazing product that hemp is!

Below are the Top 7 Hemp Clothing Myths

1. Myth: It Can Only Be Used To Make Ropes And Sails.

Reality: If you have been believing this, then B Label is here to burst your bubble and how. From the skirts, crop tops, scarves, stoles, pants, shirts and so much more. You can now replace your entire wardrobe with hemp clothing and once you try it, you would never want to go back.

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    2. Myth: It Is Thick And Difficult To Wear.

      RealityAs opposed to popular beliefs, hemp clothing is actually very light and breathable. Hemp fibers are porous and they allow your skin to breathe. The fabric is lightweight and really easy to carry.

      3. Myth: It Is Hard On The Skin.

        RealityHemp is often perceived to be a hard and rough fabric while it is poles apart from being it. Hemp clothing is actually very soft and it keeps getting softer over time. It is also extremely durable material so it is going to last you a lifetime.

        4. Myth: Hemp Clothing Is Itchy.

          RealityHemp is actually a great material for clothing. It has been used as a clothing fabric for a very long time now. Also, since it is a plant-based, organic fabric, it is hypoallergenic and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. It is in fact, better than most of the fabrics we put on our skin since the making of hemp fabric does not require the use of chemicals.

          5. Myth: Hemp Is Marijuana.

            RealityHemp and marijuana come from the same family of plants and do share some properties, however, they have vast differences when it comes to their usage. The misconceptions around the cannabis family of plants have led people to believe that they are the same while there exist great distinctions between them.

            6. Myth: Hemp Clothing Is Difficult To Dry.

              RealityHemp is a very absorbent fabric and at the same time, it is porous. It can be dried just like any other fabric. Besides that, it makes up for a great fabric to be worn outdoors especially for activities like camping. It is also UV resistant and filters sunlight so only the best of it reaches your skin.

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              7. Myth: Hemp Clothing Is Season-Specific.

                RealityHemp clothing can actually be worn in any season, unlike other fabrics. Hemp senses your body temperature and understands if your body needs to be kept warm or cold. In a world where we are expecting everything around us to be smart, why not adopt smart clothing.

                So don't let any of these misconceptions keep you away from trying out this super fabric. As good as it is for your skin, it helps keep the environment clean too. Hemp clothes are amazingly long-lasting but if at all you feel the need to dispose of any of it, you can just throw them in your compost pile.

                Now that we have busted the hemp clothing myths, check these mind-boggling Benefits Of Hemp Clothing

                These organic fibers will go back into the form they originated from. You can now wear whatever you want to, without the fear of contributing to the waste piles.

                So go on, make this positive shift, go organic and shop for the best of hemp clothing at!


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