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Why Sustainable Clothing is Booming in India

Why Sustainable Clothing is Booming in India

Ok, so with retail therapy becoming a go-to method of pick-me-up for women, fast-fashion has been on the rise. Well, while browsing through the many racks of clothes at our favorite stores, seldom does the thought of the environment come into our minds. The environmental damage done to this earth by fast-fashion and its future consequences are not something fashion magazines are talking about and the subject was slowly being pushed beyond the sight of regular consumers. However, things have certainly changed with the emergence of the concept of eco-friendly clothing. 

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So What Is Sustainable Fashion? 

Well, it is all about buying clothes which do no or little damage to the environment while being produced; and they are not a threat to the ecosystem after being discarded. Brands that are not conscious about preserving and protecting the environment, use up a huge amount of natural resources, energy, and chemicals for the production of their garments. 

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While most polyester garments find themselves at landfills, cotton takes an astronomical amount of water to be grown. So, if you are environmentally conscious and wish to do your bit, to contribute towards saving this earth, then you must accept organic clothing. Hemp fashion is coming forward as a very eco-friendly way of being stylish without damaging the environment.

Sustainable Clothing And The Indian Market

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Sustainable or ethical clothing has started making its mark in the Indian market. From paying workers fairly, to use of natural fabrics and dyes, brands are embracing this new shift in the world of the clothing industry. This concept is not new to the land of Mahatma Gandhi! Most of our leaders and thinkers have propagated the use of Swadeshi, organically grown fabrics for making attires. 

Gone are the days when organic fashion was synonymous, to Oldschool boring, clothes. Now new designers are coming up with really cool collections which are made from fabrics such as Khadi and Hemp.

B Label happens to be a much loved emerging Indian brand, which has propagated and advocated organic clothing. With more and more Indians becoming aware of the environmental consequences of fast-fashion, they are making the necessary shift. Today, eco-friendly clothing is made without any compromise on quality. They are stylish, well-designed, durable and not to mention affordable. 

One of the main reasons behind this sudden surge of eco-friendly product buyers is because of the spurt of awareness. More and more top brands are stepping forward to promote ethically sourced clothing because the buyers are now raising questions. They are becoming aware. Many brands are also promoting recycling and customization of garments which is a huge step in the right direction. 

Indians have realized that they can contribute to saving the planet while looking good at the same time. Consumers have stopped hoarding on trendy garments one after another. The strategy here is to go green when it comes to the manufacturing, sale, and recycling of clothes. The shift has also come in producing sustainable clothing, but also the consumption of it. 

People are trying to limit their consumption as opposed to mindlessly purchasing a ton of clothes. Most of the Indian buyers who have become eco-friendly in their ways are trying to cut down on the number of clothes they buy, and invest in ethical fashion, which is produced using the methods of fair trade. 

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Sustainable or environment-friendly clothing has grown to become a booming industry in India because environmentalist and social workers have made people aware of the malpractices which are still rampant in the clothing industry. Owing to speedy production and high demand for clothes, the textile industry has left many damaging scars on the environment, hence it is the duty of today’s consumer to make sure that they are fully aware from where their garments are being sourced.

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Ethical fashion is the call of the day to minimize, as well as makeup for the damage that has already been done. 

Indian Brands That Are Pushing The Envelope

Brands like B Label with their rational outlook towards fashion, have an eco-friendly approach towards producing garments with organic fabrics such as HEMP. They try to reduce factory waste and have a fashion-forward approach. 

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With their modern tailoring and innovative design, this brand has become a favorite among fashion bloggers who support ethical and organic fashion. With a fine sense of designs which have both eastern and western sensibilities, the brand favors the use of natural fibers. Creating a timeless wardrobe for their customers is their goal.

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Although sustainable fashion is a small contributor to India’s apparel market, we have seen massive growth in the sustainable fashion industry. Consumers are supporting these brands because they are happy to know that the environment has not been tormented to produce their garments. Plus, people are willing to pay a little extra to support this ethically and morally coded industry, which is showing great signs of growth in the future.  

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