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Explore The Roots Of Slow Fashion Movement

Explore The Roots Of Slow Fashion Movement

Currently, the retail industry is heavily influenced by the concept of fast fashion. Fast fashion is all about pushing more and more clothes in the market. Bringing new trends to the forefront every few days is what fast fashion is all about. While there is nothing wrong with being updated with the world of fashion, there is a limit to how much we can consume. So to counteract the phenomenon of fast fashion, people are now moving towards the opposite end, which is also known as slow fashion or ethical fashion.

As the name suggests, slow fashion is not just another run-of-the-mill concept to boost sales. It is not a trend, but a movement which has been gaining momentum.

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The main reason for the growth of fast fashion is the sale of garments at very low rates. The cheap pricing of the commodities has swayed the purchasing power of the consumer. Anything in excess is not good. Likewise, overconsumption of fashion products also comes with its own set of vices. Fast fashion has made garments, very tempting, and if you do not purchase or buy into a fashion trend, then there is always the fear of missing out. 

How To Explore Slow Fashion

Making the shift between the extreme ends of fast and slow fashion may seem to be very difficult. However, you can develop a strong sense of consciousness while shopping. 

1. The First Thing Is To Buy Only What You Need

Fast fashion is buying what you want! You may not need another black T-shirt in your wardrobe, but you will buy it anyway because it is 50% off. Well, it is important to understand your shopping requirements and get only the things that you need. Don’t get swayed by sales, and offers, because you will end up getting what you did not want and cause more wastage. Dividing your wardrobe into essentials is the way to go. 

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2. Use Of Garments Made Of Natural And Biodegradable Fibers

Walk into a fast fashion store and you will notice that most garments are made of polyester. A rather cheap material to produce polyester can take up to 200 years to decompose. So when you toss a bagful of your old polyester garments, you are contributing to more waste. 

Polyester garments usually find themselves at landfills. They sit there for years and giving out toxins. The best way to do your bit is to accept natural, biodegradable fabrics like hemp. While cotton happens to be a natural and biodegradable fabric, it takes up a lot of natural resources during the growth phases. This is why it is very important to switch to organic fabrics like hemp. Hemp is easy to grow, does not require a lot of natural facilities to grow.

3. Choose Sustainable Hemp Fashion

Back in the day, hemp was considered to be a rough fabric that looked like a burlap sack. Well, the concept has changed, and hemp fabrics are becoming more sophisticated. Available in bright hues and flowing form, it is very comfortable and can be worn in summers as well as winters. Hemp does not require a lot of resources to grow, and it happens to be biodegradable as well.


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Therefore, it is high time we embrace it. Big fashion labels are accepting this shift in fashion and are coming up with clothing lines made of ethical hemp fabric. Brands such as B Label are working very hard to highlight the concept of slow fashion. They keep in mind the value of local production, traditions, and have a responsible approach towards fashion. 

Slow Fashion Is A Movement Which Needs To Be Supported By All

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Over the years we have seen how wastefulness has harmed our planet. Therefore, it is high time that we make a shift in our choices. Just by controlling your urge to purchase excess clothing items, which you might not wear anyways, you are causing a change. When consumers become responsible for their choices, the brands are going to realize it too. 

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Fast fashion has helped no one. If you care about the planet and want to leave behind a legacy of goodness, then you must become conscious of your choices. Exploring slow fashion or sustainable fashion will make you aware of your purchases, you will buy something you love and will use it frequently and most importantly your contribution to the mountains of waste will be lesser. The earth is ours to save, and the slow fashion movement is guiding us towards that. 

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