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Revolutionize Your Diet Plans With These Nutritional Benefits Of Hemp!

Revolutionize Your Diet Plans With These Nutritional Benefits Of Hemp!

Have you ever wondered about how people living in the Himalayas are healthier, stronger and happier? 

The Himalayan Mountain range has not just been a source of happy and healthy people, it has been our source of water, rock salt, minerals, and we have come to trust every component that finds its origins in this heavenly abode. 

Within the abundance of resources found in these mountains is also a miracle plant called Hemp- this wonder-crop has traversed the centuries to be with you today.

hemp himalaya

We’ll Tell You A Little More About The Wonder-Crop HEMP…

hemp plant

The Hemp plant is not just a nutritional powerhouse, it is the plant kingdom's most sustainable and versatile resource. A single Hemp plant can give you, medicine, clothing, building material, fuel and amongst this multitude of resources the best one remains…nutrition!

Why Is That Great News For You? 

Check Out Some Health Benefits Of Hemp

It means you’re never going to run out of the most balanced source of nutrition from the lap of nature due to the nutritional benefits of hemp.

hemp diet

 Hemp seeds provide you with a great source of 

  1. Premium quality plant-based Edestin protein, 

  2. Essential Fatty Acids, 

  3. Omega 3+6, 

  4. Calcium, 

  5. Vitamins, 

  6. Iron,

  7.  Minerals and Dietary fibers.

hemp health benefits

Hemp nutritional benefits comprise of zero trans-fat, no cholesterol, no sodium, and no gluten!

Why Is That Great News For The Environment?

According to the United Nations, our unsustainable food choices have been causing more harm to the planet than our use of cars, buses, trucks, ships, and planes, combined! 

Benefits of growing hemp are 

  1. It requires less water,

  2. It needs no pesticides, 

  3. It has soil remedial properties,

  4. It removes 5 times more CO2 from the air,

  5. It can make almost everything that can be made from trees. 

hemp seeds

How Does Hemp Save The Environment?

  1. Growing hemp fights water pollution.

  2. Hemp cultivation limits soil erosion and helps restore soil properties.

  3.  Burning clothing materials leads to lots of carbon emissions. This problem can be avoided by switching to hemp clothing.

A Little About BOHECO Life

We’re a brand that brings to your table an essential component of the Himalayas. While people living in this mountainous region have reaped the benefits of Hemp which makes up for – the food they eat (bhang ki chutney), the hemp clothes they wear and the ropes that tie their cattle- its utility has been lost to the people living in cities. 

Our close interaction with life in the Himalayas over the years has bought us to the conclusion that more people must learn about this miracle. We take nature’s most versatile creation- ‘Hemp’ and we bring it to you.

We look forward to telling you more about Hemp, but for now…

Congratulations, on making the right choice for yourself and the planet!

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