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Why Slow Fashion Is The Need Of The Hour

Why Slow Fashion Is The Need Of The Hour

Many of us might remember, how Rana Plaza in Dhaka, Bangladesh collapsed, leaving more than 1200 garment factory workers dead. The building was weak and the structure had cracks all over it, but the garment factory continued to operate. That is the price you pay for fast fashion. In a world where people want more and more, we oftentimes fail to slow down and notice the impact our choices are having on the environment. 

How Does Fast Fashion Impact The Environment?

Fast fashion has been depleting the environment for decades now! With new lines and season changes happening now and then, brands are busy producing all sorts of fashion pieces. But, did you know that the apparel industry alone produces, 10% of the global carbon emissions? Yes, you read that right! That is the cost of fast fashion we pay.

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Can you believe that more than 8000 chemicals are used to convert raw materials into fabrics? Plus, the amount of water that goes into it is mammoth. Another thing is the kind of waste is produced by the world of fashion is beyond crazy. So many products are rejected, so many clothes are tossed, so many fabrics lie unused, and all of this has an environmental impact. 

Fast fashion is destroying the environment at a rapid speed, so the need of the hour is to switch to slow fashion. 

Sustainable fashion is not a new concept. Brands like B Label who produce hemp clothing have embraced and stylized this concept. Hemp is one fabric that is durable, easy to dye and extremely comfortable. Plus, the fabric is so flowy that it can be transformed into different garments easily. Hemp fabric is the future of slow fashion because it is long-lasting, the fabric improves with every wash, and it has a positive impact on the environment, plus, it is biodegradable. 

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Why Do We Even Need A Slow Fashion?

Sustainable or slow fashion encourages the use of locally produced, biodegradable fabrics which have little to no adverse effects on the environment. So these fabrics can eventually return to the ecosystem, once you are done wearing them. If the textile goes back to the earth and does not end up in landfills, it will create lesser wastage. Therefore, as an aware consumer, you must make sure that you buy sustainable or eco-friendly fabrics from brands that are conscious of their carbon footprints.

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Brands that are ethical in terms of their environmental impacts also pay much heed to pay a fair fee to their labors. As mentioned above, the labors working in the garment factory in Dhaka were working for low wages in very bad conditions. 

So you want your clothes to be produced by people who are almost working as slaves? If the answer is no, then you have to slow down and buy less. Make sure that your purchases are not negatively impacting other people’s lives. Several big, fast-fashion brands have been accused of cost-cutting and unfair labor. By choosing sustainable or eco-friendly fashion brands, you will support the idea of fair wages. 

Many people are under the impression that sustainable fashion cannot be stylish. Well, it is time to pop that bubble. Coming-of-age brands, such as B Label, have very successfully made some super stylish garments with fabric like hemp. A biodegradable fabric, which is easy to produce with minimal natural resources, hemp is durable and comfortable; you can easily wear it in any weather. The best part is that hemp clothes improve with every wash. 

Why Is Sustainable Fashion Important?

Sustainable fashion will be the consumer’s contribution to saving the earth. 

A greater variety of clothes at low prices may seem very tempting. However, they cause a lot of damage to the earth, which may go unseen. With periodic sales, pretty much every month, brands are mass-producing clothes that we are ready to embrace with open arms. There is a problem with plenty. We must think of the water use, the pollutants, the environmental impact of fast fashion, which we cause just by choosing and supporting fast fashion. 

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Most brands do not care about their apparel after the sale, and the garments that you toss, find themselves at landfills. Apart from reusing, giving it away as charity and recycling, we must consume less in the first place. 

This shift in the consumer will push companies to take the right direction. The change is here, many big brands are coming up with sustainable clothing lines which are appealing to many. It might cost you a pretty penny, but hey, you will have it for longer, it will look good in every season and they are super stylish, to begin with. Plus, you get the satisfaction of working for a solid cause, because slow, sustainable fashion is a cause we need to fight for. 

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