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5 Unique Styles That You Can Try With These Organic Scarves

5 Unique Styles That You Can Try With These Organic Scarves

When we run out of ideas to accessorize our outfits, scarves always run to our rescue. Apart from looking super stylish, scarves come in the category of items that go well with almost everything. They are easy to carry plus they accentuate our entire look and give out the illusion that we have put in a lot of effort into styling it. From formal events to casual outings, scarves look amazing with every outfit. These almost perfect little pieces of wonder could reach their utmost level of perfection if they are made out of organic fabric.

This way, they can be good for us and also good for the environment, and we can indulge in guilt-free shopping. B Label is now materializing all our dreams into reality as it brings to us a wide range of hemp products so we can get to rediscover fashion in an altogether new light.

Apart from being a blessing for the environment, these organic scarves by B Label are strong and durable with three times the tensile strength of cotton. Even with repeated washing, the fibers don't break down and the fabric keeps getting softer with every wash. The fabric is also extremely breathable. It “wicks” or moves moisture away from your body to be evaporated on the surface so you stay cool, even if you are hot.

It understands your body and turns into an insulator, keeping your body warm when the weather around you is cold. You can style these scarves in a million different ways and they will keep on making your outfits shine. We have curated a list of five of such styles that you can try out with your organic hemp scarves. Read on!

1. The Bandana Style Head Wrap

If you have ever woken up to have a bad hair day, you know how it messes up your spirit and leaves you underconfident for the rest of the day. Despite making all the efforts, there will be days when you just can't get your hair to cooperate with you. For days like these, your organic scarf will come in handy. Use your hemp scarf like a bandana and tame those wild tresses. Your bad hair day is now set to become your best hair day. You are now all set to become the star of the show and we assure you, you are going to spend the rest of the day getting loads of compliments for your style.

2. Glam Up That Messy Bun

    If you're a fan of messy buns, you need to get yourself a scarf right away. As amazing as messy buns look, they're super difficult to master. For the days that you just can't get it right, these organic scarves will give you the right support to hold up your messy bun in style. Even for the times when you have the perfect messy bun and you want to make it look a little more fancy than usual, you can add these scarves and let them work their magic in holding your entire look together.

    3. Cowl Wrap To Keep You Cozy

    This one's for the freezing winter months when you need to keep yourself thoroughly wrapped up. You can tie your scarf around your neck like a cowl so as to keep it warm and cozy throughout the season. You can pair up your cowl style scarf with a fuzzy sweater, some high boots and you're all set to rock the winters in style.

    4. Shine With Your Shawl

      The girly shawl style wrap is absolutely perfect for your romantic dates. Pair them up with pastel colored dresses, braided hair and you are good to go. You are bound to create a lasting impression on anyone that you meet. The scarves styled as shawls add a delicate charm to your look and are perfectly suitable for a brunch look.

      5. The Big Bow Tie

        If you wish to transform any casual outfit into a formal outfit instantly, a scarf is all you need. Tie the scarf around your neck into a big bow and let it work its wonders in making you look like a true professional. This is perfect for all those randomly scheduled meetings at work. You will be dressed just right for all of them from now on.

        So get yourself your very own organic scarf and try out all these different styles. Visit and shop now! 

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