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Meet the Celebrities Who Follow Sustainable Fashion

Meet the Celebrities Who Follow Sustainable Fashion

Ever thought that sustainable fashion could be super stylish and elegant?

Look at the glorious pictures of famous personalities carrying eco-friendly fashion and showing their support for the use of more sustainable materials. Well, many popular faces are setting a trend in sustainable fashion and they don’t fail to prove it voguish and up to the minute.

There’s no more a doubt that sustainable hemp fashion has become top of the shopping list for people who want to follow a healthy lifestyle. Along with fashion, Hemp clothing is beneficial because of its protective fibre properties that help in keeping the skin safe and tan-free.   

 Let’s join the eco-friendly fashion movement and contribute love for our mother planet. If you are looking for some inspiration, here are the celebrities who adopt green living as a part of their lives and are becoming the trendsetters for the same!

1. Michael Fassbender

Magneto in the X-Men movies, Michael Fassbender proves to be a real-life superhero for supporting the cause of sustainable fashion! These celebrities never miss an opportunity to speak about the benefits of sustainable hemp fashion and using it for a healthy lifestyle.

2. Emma Watson

Emma Watson also bags sustainable clothing to maintain her ethical wardrobe and set an example for the same. Every red carpet outfit she wore was eco-friendly and sustainable. She even displayed her environment-friendly wardrobe when the Disney blockbuster was released! Emma promoted sustainable fashion practices along with her film. A great step was taken by the young actress to encourage her fans to dress ethically.

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3. Bob Burnquist

The very well known professional skateboarder, Bob Burnquist has an enthusiasm for endorsing organic, healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Bob also talks about how hemp gives him liveliness by sharing his personal experiences with his followers.

This popular athlete has his own farm and he is a huge hemp fan! Besides using hemp seeds and protein, he has decided to take advantage of all the plus points this plant has to offer!

4. Katrina Kaif


 Did you know that this glamorous and famous Bollywood actress is also a supporter of sustainable fashion?

The very talented Katrina Kaif used an environment-friendly wardrobe for her entire movie Jagga Jasoos in 2017. Isn’t it rocking when these celebrities show their support for the use of more sustainable materials!

5. Rasika Dugal

Rasika Dugal, an achiever and the environment enthusiast actress from the movie Manto has been one who has had a keen interest developed for sustainable labels! She has been identified wearing gorgeous organic pieces at various events that take place.

Popular personalities like these are paving the way in terms of creating awareness for sustainable fashion and lifestyles, but this trend should not stop where it starts! With so many celebrities encouraging hemp clothing, it is really going to change the current fashion phase into sustainable fashion in the near future.

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We think people these days are becoming progressively concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare and environmental issues surrounding fast fashion.

It’s important to be conscious of what we’re buying, wearing and where it comes from. As a part of this motherland, we all can take a small initiative to change the world just by being careful in what we buy!

Let’s encourage sustainable fashion and take a positive move!

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