How The Youth Is Redefining The Future Of Organic Fashion?

The last decade has seen a rise in educated consumers, who not only care about the quality of the products they are buying but how did the finished product make it to the shelf. The current millennial is aware of how their fashion choices, affect the environment, therefore, young designers are striving to make a shift, by embracing organic fabrics, environmentally friendly dyes and much more.

Generation Z designers, pay heed to the working conditions of the employees, employ environmentally friendly procedures to process the fabrics, and make use of fabrics like cotton, khadi, linen and hemp, which are easily biodegradable. 

The young consumer is also, willing to understand the backstory of the brand, he or she is buying from, and supports sustainable fashion. This ethical change, in the world of textile and fashion, is going to bring about a positive impact on the environment. 

Even though more and more people are joining the movement to support sustainable and organic fashion, there is still a very long way to go. B label is one such brand, which has always supported the idea of organic fashion, which is why they have pushed hemp fashion. So if you happen to be fashion-forward, while still caring about the environment, then B Label should be your go-to brand. 

Adding A Unique Touch!

Young designers are putting a quirky twist to traditional, natural fabrics to come up with modern, upbeat designs. Experimenting with traditional weaves, while using modern techniques to keep the design process, environmental friendly is absolutely imperative.

Hemp happens to be a very versatile fabric, which can be converted into fun silhouettes. The use of organic dyes lends the fabric a very unique, traditional, yet elegant look. 

The fast-growing fashion movement which supports organic fashion has been embraced by young people from across the globe. There are many brands including B label, which are making sustainable fashion affordable for the Millenials, who have a limited shopping budget. 

Brands are now committing to textile recycling and have become aware of factors like where the materials are sourced from, use of biodegradable materials, proper pay to the labours and good working conditions. 

Big brands are taking into consideration that the next generation is pushing the right buttons to adopt ethical practices when it comes to the textile business. More and more brands are coming up with eco-friendly collections. Therefore, companies are watching how they can make changes to make fashion a lot more sustainable. 

This was not the case earlier, where brands were recklessly producing clothing items and did not care about the recycling bit. Back in the day, most people did not think or speak very highly of hemp clothing. However, with modern techniques, hemp fashion has become commonplace. 

Big designers are not shying away from using his fabric for elaborate pieces of clothing. Hemp clothing is not only environmentally friendly but it also comes with benefits galore! It is much stronger fibre and therefore much more durable than synthetic material, plus, it is completely biodegradable. The fabric is antibacterial in nature and therefore, it feels comfortable against your skin. 

Sustainable fashion has evolved over the years, and the new generation has to play a  crucial role in this. Hemp apparel brands like B Label, are making huge strides in the world of fashion to make ethical fashion common practice. Which why the young consumer is supporting such brands. 

The fashion industry, hands-down happens to be one of the most wasteful industries, and there is a huge demand for sustainable fashion, by those who are aware of the damage being caused to the environment. 

Therefore, making ethical fashion affordable and within the reach of the common person has become imperative. This reformation in the world of fashion, brought in by youth consumers will prove to be beneficial in the long run. 

The millennial consumer pressure has shaken up brands from their sleep and pushed them into embracing sustainable fashion. Plus, young consumers influence brand culture with the help of their social media handles. 

The whole idea of marrying purpose with passion, or should we say fashion is the way to go about creating sustainable fashion. While the awareness among young consumers has to lead to more brands incorporating this new norm and got the ball rolling, but, it is still a very long way to go. 

Most of the young consumers look at style as a mode of self-expression, which means that they like to put out a message through their choices. Supporting sustainable fashion is just another way of going about the ethics that they stand for.

It helps them to communicate their value system and in turn influence others to follow suit. It is an excellent way of bringing about a positive change in the society which is much welcome. 


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