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Why is hemp more expensive?

100% Hemp products can be a bit pricier, but here's why


  1. A Rare Gem: Hemp can be a bit elusive due to legal restrictions and limited cultivation, making it a prized rarity.
  2. The VIP of Fabrics: Hemp boasts premium quality with superpowers like durability, UV ray resistance, and anti bacterial abilities. It's the superhero of fabrics.
  3. Soft as a Cloud: With each wash, your prodcut is sure to get better over time.
  4. Tough as Nails: The Terminator of textiles! Hemp fibers are incredibly strong and durable. It is sure to outlast many others in your wardrobe, so you won't have to replace your favorite hemp shirt anytime soon.


So, while hemp products might have you reaching a bit deeper into your wallet initially, they'll reward you with quality, comfort, and eco-credibility.

Is hemp and linen the same?

No, hemp and linen are not the same. They are both
natural fibers used in textiles, but they come from different plants. Hemp comes
from the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa), while linen is derived from the flax
plant (Linum usitatissimum).

Why is hemp better than cotton?

<tr><td>Complete Growth Cycle</td><td>12 weeks</td><td>21-25 weeks</td></tr><tr><td>Water Consumption</td><td>2123 Liters per KG</td><td>Approx. 10,000 liters/kg</td></tr><tr><td>Tensile Strength</td><td>690 – 1000 mega Pascal</td><td>330 – 585 mega Pascal</td></tr><tr><td>Carbon Emissions</td><td>Carbon negative, removes 1.63 tons of CO2 per ton grown</td><td>Emits 2 – 4 tons of carbon/hectare grown</td></tr><tr><td>Soil Pollution</td><td>Needs little or no pesticides to grow</td><td>25% of insecticides and approx 10% of all agrochemicals come from the cotton industry</td></tr><tr><td>To Wear</td><td>Breathable, softer after every wash, and durable</td><td>Breathable, soft</td></tr>

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